Monday, January 26, 2015

(GAY USA) Winners and Losers!

  • We are going to the Supreme Court again with a national right to marriage on the line.
  • President Obama breaks new ground in his State of the Union speech.
  • The Pope calls gay marriage a threat.
  • A new controversy over cake in Colorado.
  • Thailand looks to protect a third gender in its constitution.
  • Chile close to legalizing civil unions for gay and non-gay couples.
  • Billy Crystal says gay themes are going too far.
  • Coach Beiste comes out on Glee.
  • Andy reviews “Constellations” with Jake Gyllenhall and Ruth Wilson.

(MNW) Politician Wants Arrests After Gays Marry!

There's a big fight underway right now in Alabama, with a Judge overturning a marriage ban and state officials refusing to obey his order to issue licenses. Anti-gay politicians are threatening to ban all marriage licenses if the Supreme Court rules in favor of equality. And one lawmaker even wants to send clerks to jail if they issue licenses to anyone -- gay or straight.


Play it again, Sam!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

DEBUT! (Ian Schuelke Wants a TV Show) SHOW #1!

The debut of Ian Schuelke Wants a TV Show!

Ian introduces a monthly Hour of Music and Comedy. Recorded on 1/17/15 at the Rendezvous  in Seattle, WA.

Next Show will be recorded on Sat, 2/21/15. Click HERE for Tickets.

(PRETTY) a Competition?

It's the first day of the big dance competition and Annette's Cadettes run into their first problem: Actual competition.

(SHOWcase) Christopher Lee Collection mens fashion line!

Christopher Lee Collection, LLC launched in November of 2014 in beautiful San Diego, California. Sophisticated, sexy, yet extremely comfortable. Modern designs, paired with highly sought after luxury fabrics including Premium Bamboo, Modal, and Rayon. Satisfaction is our promise to our customers. Many upcoming colors, as well as Jock straps, Briefs, Sportswear, Swimwear, Shoes, Snapbacks, Backpacks, Leather jackets, Denim and accessories! I have several pages of items in my collection just waiting to be released! My upcoming project is my sportswear, then right before summer, my swimwear! With your help ill be able to kickstart manufacturing and receive countless more items for :)

Click HERE to support this Project.

OVTV: (TIME-Warp) This Week in History: Rove Vs. Wade; LBJ; Victoria; Laugh-In; Mozart!

Highlights of This Week in History: Rove vs. Wade decision; Lyndon Johnson dies; Britain's Queen Victoria dies; The Crucible debuts on Broadway; Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in premieres. Soviet troops liberate concentration camps; Paris peace accords signed, ending Vietnam war; Mozart born.


Frankly, My Dear.......

Friday, January 23, 2015

(the FRONTRUNNERS) Guest: Patricia Arquette!

Our Pal, Dave Karger interviews the Hottest Contenders for OSCAR. This week, Karger chats with Patricia Arquette (Boyhood)!
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