Wednesday, October 29, 2014

(SHOWcase) Adoptable! - Season One!

ADOPTABLE! is an awkward and bittersweet comic web series written by and starring Scott Lowell loosely based on his own experiences searching for his birth parents back in the late ’90’s. It is presented as a documentary being directed by Jennifer Lim (Linda Park of TV’s “Enterprise” & “Crash”) which follows successful actor and adult adoptee Scott Fishman (Lowell, "Queer as Folk", "Bones") of the hit TV show “Cops & Bottoms” in which he co-stars with Jerry O’Connell ("Sliders", "Stand By Me", "Jerry Maguire") as a fictionalized version of himself. Bowing somewhat to pressure from his fiancĂ©, Lisa Crane (Emily Swallow, “The Mentalist”, “Monday Mornings”) and their therapist Bob Raskin (Jim O’Heir of “Parks and Recreation”) as well as his own desire to know himself a bit better before getting married and starting a family, Fishman embarks on the journey of seeking out his birth parents. He is aided along the way by an intermediary named Mary Elizabeths played by multi-Emmy Award® winner Sharon Gless (“Cagney & Lacey”, “Burn Notice”, “Queer as Folk”).

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

(Blank on Blank) Michael Jackson on Godliness!

"My singing… i’ll just say it simple as possible: it’s just godly."
- Michael Jackson in January 1980

Michael Jackson's rules: the interviewer had to ask his questions to 13-year old Janet Jackson who then relayed them to Michael.

Interview by John Pidgeon - Hear the full conversation

Get the backstory on interviewing Michael Jackson:

(Its Everything With Bebe Sweetbriar) Shocktober FEST!

This Week Bebe chats with the creators of Shocktober Fest and a special appearance by Cookie Dough from 'Monster' plus all the weeks HOT TOPICS!

Monday, October 27, 2014

(Hey Qween!) with Pandora Boxx!

Comedian Jonny McGovern hosts “Hey Qween!” The gayest talk show of all time! Jonny and his sidekick, drag diva Lady Red Couture, riff about current hot topics and interview amazing LGBT guests! This week RuPauls' Drag Race Season 2 Star Pandora Boxx joins the Hey Qween crew for some shits & giggles!

Follow Jonny McGovern on twitter:

For more Hey Qween check out

(MNW) A Few Anti-Gay Governors Just Won't Admit Defeat!

The number of states with marriage has gone up yet again this week. Only a handful of states are stil trying to defend their marriage bans, and they're quickly running out of ways to delay their inevitable loss. A straight couple in Kansas has filed a new anti-gay lawsuit, and it's nuts. A federal judge just ruled against the freedom to marry, but his decision has virtually no chance of being upheld. Plus, there's a powerful new lawsuit in Mississippi.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

(SHOWcase) A Very Sordid Wedding - film sequel by Del Shores!

Sordid Lives, by Del Shores, hit the big screen in 2000 and became a huge cult hit phenomenon with its hilarious and authentic exploration of the antics of the residents of Winters, TX. The film was followed by Sordid Lives: The Series, a prequel for LOGO. Now, after years of fans asking for a follow up with these beloved characters, Del Shores has written a sequel, the final chapter in the Sordid Lives saga - A Very Sordid Wedding.

The original film explored the coming out story and how conservative southern families deal with gay family members. The sequel picks up 16 years later and continues the comedic exploration of important issues by addressing marriage equality. The characters audiences fell so in love with have all moved forward to new places, some good, some ridiculous, and as always with this colorful cast - always entertaining.

Del Shores has spent this entire year writing the new script, bringing back all of these beloved characters and carefully shaping what they are each up to after so many years. The story is once again hilarious, touching and addressing an issue affecting LGBT people and their communities and families with Del's trademark subversive humor and heart. SUPPORT This Project.

(TIME-WARP) Code of Conduct, a TRUE Tale of BULLYING revealed 22 Years Later!

by MK Scott

With the close of October's Gay History month,  16 years after Matthew Shepard, and 4 years after Tyler Clementi. There was another anniversary this month. 

There was a never before told story that I am working on as a potential Novel and Movie Script based on an incident involving a fellow Native Portlander who had a dream to be the first in his family to get a college degree.

According to my Friend, Matt as well as school documents, tells that in the Fall of 1992, Matt finally arrived at Northeastern University in Boston, MA to study communications. Problems fitting in were immediate and after changing dorms 3 times, he settled into a single room at Light Hall. Matt liked Light Hall because it was drug and alcohol free and that meant no distractions or Drama.

Matt had trouble fitting in, because 1) He came from Middle-class family from Oregon, 2)  He was registered as a Republican (known as Libertarian today) but supported Clinton, 3) He was 22, older than most freshman and 4) He was an Open Bi-Sexual with a boyfriend and a Girlfriend back home in Portland. The Democratic, conservative, Old values, hard drinking way of Boston was clearly the wrong place.

Friday, October 24, 2014

(Where The Bears Are) - LOADED FOR BEAR!

Wood (Joe Dietl) dons a pair of glasses that double as a video recording device and dines with the flamboyant owner of Chunk Studios Malcolm Lee at his home in the Silverlake hills hoping to get him to confess to the killings on camera. Meanwhile, Reggie monitors the date from a parked car outside with his newly hired assistant George Ridgemont (George Sebastian) who is burning up with jealousy over the amorous Lee’s efforts to lure Wood into his bedroom. Reggie: Rick Copp. Malcolm Lee: Pat Towne.

WHERE THE BEARS ARE is a web series following the exploits of 3 bear roommates sharing a house in the hills of Silverlake. It is "The Golden Girls" meets "Murder She Wrote" with big, hairy, gay men. Season 3 consists of 22 TOTAL EPISODES!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

DEBUT! (Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy) The Robot Situation!


What happens when a gay guy needs new roommates and the only ones who respond to the Craigslist ad are a robot and a ninja?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

(SHOWcase) MK's Birthday Wish!

 Today is MK's Birthday and he would like your Help. Please contribute, share, reshare and spread the word. This is just one of the exciting projects that MK will deliver to his Fans in the coming year. Please Fulfill his wish! 

Update: Follow MK to Phoenix, SLC, and Texas in Early 2015! 

MK in SF (2014)
The Project

After 3 years of Researching and traveling from Seattle to San Diego and Back and from Seattle to New York and Back, I have had the budget of $400 per trip that last about a month each (going by Ride Share, Trades and Couch surfing). Now I need to complete it so the Book can be published in Early 2016.

My Research

I started researching this book as early as 1989 (even though I didn't know it at the time that I would take a series of trips of self-discovery and test of Self-Reliance, and as a Openly gay Man, a much bigger Test, and going against stereotypes) and 25 years later, I am getting more experiences in traveling on a low budget and going on the roller coaster of staying at Airports and Train Stations to 4 star Hotels. I have Traveled through Canada, the Northern half of the US to Boston and New York, as well as up and down the West Coast. One moving and Humorous story after another.

To finish this book, I need to finish traveling I still need to travel the SW (From Las Vegas to Texas), the Deep South (From Texas to Key West) and the SE (From Atlanta to Washington DC).

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