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Monday, August 3, 2015

(GAY DAYS) Will has an ulterior motive; The Foursome encounter homophobes on double date; Sonny is Jealous of Derrick and Paul!

Will has cooked up a plan to get Paul and Derrick together so they can get involved and Paul will forget all about Sonny.

Not gonna work Will but if Derrick’s shirt comes off for a few episodes, No Complaints Here!

So Will’s plan to get Paul and Derrick together begins to take shape and he and Sonny join this new pair for an awkward double date at Rafe’s club. We find out that Derrick’s family has shunned him since he came out and Will pours it on thick about how happy he and Sonny are. It’s gross and he comes off so creepy. Then there are a couple of homophobic idiots who come up to the table.

The double date is thwarted by some homophobe jerks and a fight ensues. It’s over-the-tops stuff and Derrick takes a punch. It’s moving to see John’s concern over his son nd that Paul is now calling him ‘dad.’ Later, Paul and Derrick get closer and, of course, Sonny sees and seems jealous.STAY TUNED!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

(Real Hollywood) - Strip Training!

Trev and Frits practice their stripping for the Mystic Mitch audition.

(SHOWCASE) Open....a gay bedroom comedy!

Welcome to the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for Open!, the new gay comedy from VanderHart productions, produced by Bruce Hart. We are over the moon to be producing this film but we are counting on your help to make it happen!

Open is a bedroom comedy evocative of those fun 1960s romps but updated for the new millennium. The script is truly a hilarious sexy gay rom-com that explores both monogamy and open relationships. We have some terrific names attached to the project and are in talks with several other surprise names to be announced soon!

A married gay couple are celebrating their anniversary (ten years of monogamy) when they begin to wonder if they are missing out on something. Their best friends are in an open relationship and somehow the grass appears to be a little greener on their side of the fence.

So…they decide to experiment. They draft a set of rules for exploring an open relationship and then dive right in—to hilarious sometimes disastrous results! Add in some very sexy guys, and some crazy messed up dates and some poignant moments and this couple is about to learn a lot about redefining a relationship — or not.

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