Thursday, October 23, 2014

DEBUT! (Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy) The Robot Situation!


What happens when a gay guy needs new roommates and the only ones who respond to the Craigslist ad are a robot and a ninja?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

(SHOWcase) MK's Birthday Wish!

 Today is MK's Birthday and he would like your Help. Please contribute, share, reshare and spread the word. This is just one of the exciting projects that MK will deliver to his Fans in the coming year. Please Fulfill his wish! 

Update: Follow MK to Phoenix, SLC, and Texas in Early 2015! 

MK in SF (2014)
The Project

After 3 years of Researching and traveling from Seattle to San Diego and Back and from Seattle to New York and Back, I have had the budget of $400 per trip that last about a month each (going by Ride Share, Trades and Couch surfing). Now I need to complete it so the Book can be published in Early 2016.

My Research

I started researching this book as early as 1989 (even though I didn't know it at the time that I would take a series of trips of self-discovery and test of Self-Reliance, and as a Openly gay Man, a much bigger Test, and going against stereotypes) and 25 years later, I am getting more experiences in traveling on a low budget and going on the roller coaster of staying at Airports and Train Stations to 4 star Hotels. I have Traveled through Canada, the Northern half of the US to Boston and New York, as well as up and down the West Coast. One moving and Humorous story after another.

To finish this book, I need to finish traveling I still need to travel the SW (From Las Vegas to Texas), the Deep South (From Texas to Key West) and the SE (From Atlanta to Washington DC).

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DEBUT! (Louis Virtel's But What I Really Want to Know Is..) Diablo Cody!

Diablo Cody is an Oscar-winning screenwriter, an acclaimed author, and one of the big reasons Twitter is worth tolerating, but we mainly love the "Juno" scribe because she's a great interviewee. On the first episode of HitFix's new interview series But What I Really Want To Know Is..., we caught up with Cody (a.k.a. Brook Maurio) to discuss her least favorite screenwriting cliches, the filming of her next movie "Ricki and the Flash" with Meryl Streep, and the woman who warned her to put her Oscar away for good.

We also play a round of our favorite game called Who's In Your Coven? Pick five living women who represent, for lack of a better term, your "spirit animals." Mine are Jane Fonda, Jane Curtin, Lesley Ann Warren, Lee Grant, and Cynthia Nixon. Who did Diablo Cody pick? Your head will spin.

(It's EVERYTHING w/ Bebe Sweetbriar) All about the Showboys!

Bebe interviews Sadaisha Shimmers, the Creator of Showboys. A Male Burlesque show at San Francisco's Nob Hill Theater, plus all the Weeks HOT Topics!

(SLGFF 2014) WRAP UP: The Best, Good, Fair and Worst Films, according to MK!

by MK Scott

Now that the 2014 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is over I could now reveal my Picks for the Best, Good, Fair, and Bad films coming to a Film Fest, Theater or DVD in the coming year.

The Circle is a Oscar Pre--Nominee
The CIRCLE (Switzerland)-Part Narrative and Part Documentary you get full story of 2 lovers that met in a secret society in 1950's Switzerland and are treated like Criminals during a Murder Investigation. BEAUTIFUL!

Pride (Special Event)-Not Part of the Fest, this was a Preview a week before the Opening and one of the Best films regarding 1980's Britain, since Kinky Boots and Billy Elliott. Watch this will be adapted into a Broadway Musical at some point. This film will make you jump for JOY!

Limited Partnership (USA)- Back in 1975, Colorado started issuing Marriage Licenses to same sex couples and  Tony Sullivan (native from Australia) marries (Filipino-American) Richard Adams, but as the First Bi-National Couple, they are called the F-Word by INS and are forced to leave the country together or apart. They choose to fight and were only parted by death, Bring the tissues, It is EMOTIONAL!

Regarding Susan Sontag (USA) -The Lesbian version of last year's hit, BIG JOY: The James Boughton Story.

Back on Board (USA)- Olympic Legend, Greg Louganis is about ready to lose his house and live in a trailer, when he is called upon to be a mentor  for the Olympics to meeting and marrying his true Love and as we see his story unfold during the good and rough times, Louganis shows he is a survivor and a true Hero. Yes, There was a standing ovation. 

If we Took a Holiday (USA)- Brilliant!
The Disgustings (USA)-Bitchy FUN!
Squared (USA)-Burning down Gaysian Stereotypes!
Cruising Electric (USA)-Nostalgic Fun!
Dinner at 40 (USA)-All Star Fun!
Sex Date (USA)-Unexpected LOVE!
Good Morning (USA)- Too Young to Bang!
Barrio Boy (USA)-A Barber shop Fantasy!

Monday, October 20, 2014

(Hey Qween!) with Michelle Visage!

Comedian Jonny McGovern hosts “Hey Qween!” The gayest talk show of all time! Jonny and his sidekick, drag diva Lady Red Couture, riff about current hot topics and interview amazing LGBT guests! This week RuPauls' Drag Race Judge & Icon Michelle Visage is here to read the children!

Follow Jonny McGovern on twitter:
For more Hey Qween check out

(Jinkx Monsoon: Drag Becomes Him) -"World on Fire"!

A short documentary about Jerick Hoffer and his exploration into Jinkx Monsoon. Featuring music by Tomita

Add me:

(MNW) Three More States Just Won Marriage Equality!

We just picked up more states with the freedom to marry, and the number could continue increasing over the course of this week. But in several states, officials are blocking the start of marriage despite courts ruling against their bans. We'll have the details on how couples are fighting back. Plus, more bad news for the National Organization for Marriage. This time it's a ruling in Virginia that means they'll lose out on over half a million dollars.

(SLGFF 2014) Audience and Jury WINNERS List!

Jury Awards for Excellence in Filmmaking
Our Awards for Excellence in Filmmaking are chosen by an esteemed panel of jurors and include a cash prize.

Short Film Jury Awards

Directed by Melissa Finell / USAJury statement: "DISASTER PREPAREDNESS is a comedic human relations story with three dimensional characters. It is a metaphorical storm with great writing, acting and sound."

Most Innovative Short: UNICORN

Directed by Rodrigo Bellot / Bolivia

Jury statement: "UNICORN has unique cinematography, sound and lighting. It is a different kind of storyline. An exposé documentary told through an exquisite narrative of a difficult real life event."

Documentary Film Jury Awards

Best Documentary Feature: OUT IN THE NIGHT

Directed by Blair Dorosh-Walther, Produced by Giovanna Chesler, USA

Jury statement: "OUT IN THE NIGHT emphasizes the dire need for justice and elicits an urgent call for equality in our systemically biased judicial system. And even more, it implores us all to reflect on how we challenge the criminalization of black bodies, especially queer black bodies, in America."


Sunday, October 19, 2014

DEBUT! (Go-Go Boy Interrupted): Danny and the Dirty 30!

We meet Danny Carter, who works at LA's hottest club: Club PantherWarmth. With his 30th birthday fast approaching he suddenly finds himself jobless. At least he has a lot of skills to fall back on. Oh wait...

"Go-Go Boy Interrupted" written by Jimmy Fowlie, directed by Jordan Black.

(Once Upon a Crime) - Cinderella vs Snow White!

Cinderella isn't too pleased with how Snow White has been treating her residence, and Judge Ratchet better get to the bottom of it all.

Follow Todrick Hall @toddyrockstar on Instagram and Twitter
featuring Willam as Cinderella
and Manila Luzon as Snow White (

(TIME Warp) The AB101 Veto Riots; 23 years later!

In 2011, the GLBT History Museum in San Francisco held a program called “All the Rage: Stories From the AB101 Veto Riot,” featuring a documentary short about the queer riots in San Francisco in 1991 and a panel with organizers of the event twenty years ago and eyewitness accounts.  Called the AB 101 Veto Riot, it “ended with the police in retreat and a state office building in flames.”

I had never heard of the AB 101 Veto Riot before I got this press release, or the other two that accompany it in a trio, the Compton’s Cafeteria Riot of 1966 and the White Night Riot of 1979. It occurs to me that maybe no one has told you, either. Most of us got through school without even hearing about Stonewall, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to hear about. In honor of the people who put their safety on the line so that our rights had to be recognized, let’s take a moment to remedy that.
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