Saturday, April 19, 2014

(Steam Room Stories) Boy Bunnies!

Easter in the Steam Room as the guys talk about sexy boy bunnies.

(DAZED) Happiness!

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(Ask Misty): Closet boyfriend!

Dear misty I'm dating this guy I'm prideboy123 from an old video me and him now date and wanna get a place with each other but he hasn't came out to his family but he's the one that helped me come out. Sp do I back off and let him take his time or do i push him like he did me? ---FUWCB!

Friday, April 18, 2014

DEBUT! (OUT on the RED Carpet) MK's chat with fellow NW Native, Ross Matthews at GLAAD-LA 2014!

MK was on the GLAAD Red Carpet at the Beverly Hilton on April 13th and bonded with fellow NW native and host of the Gayest Talk show on Cable TV, 'Hello Ross', It is Ross Matthews!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

DEBUT! (From Here on OUT) Nudity Required!

Aging gay writer Jimmy Randall (Terry Ray) finally gets a big break when he's hired to produce his own show for the Here TV network, but only with a tiny budget and many strings attached. From Here on Out, Jimmy is headed for one hilarious headache after another!


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(MY View) RuPaul's Drag Race and the Danger of Overpolicing Language!

by Our Lady J  

"Tranny," "sissy," "sex change," and "she-male" are self-identifying slang words used by gender-nonconforming people -- mostly performers, artists, sex workers, and others considered to be living on the fringe of our queer community. Although we use these words playfully to relate, empower, and communicate, these words, like the word "gay," are sometimes used to disrespect us.

When I first transitioned, I proudly identified as a "tranny" until people within the trans community told me the word was offensive to them. I complied but quickly realized that while striving to be accepted by the hetero-dominated world, the upper echelons of the trans community were trying to sweep the fringe under the rug by censoring the language with which they identify. In addition to banishing "tranny," "sissy," "sex change," and "she-male" as slander, they insisted that the users of these words were the oppressors, making themselves the victims -- a well-worn tool of manipulation and control.

As an artist, I love language, and I cherish free speech. RuPaul has been the number-one defender of these, and at the same time he continues to support every shade of queerness within our community, no matter the class. Drag is punk and should never be subjected to politically correct ideals. The moment it stops provoking is the moment it fails as an art form. Trans people are forever indebted to drag for the mainstream explosion of gender as we see it today.

(FIRST LOOK) JERSEY BOYS trailer debuts!

Apple has debuted the trailer for Jersey Boys, director Clint Eastwood's big-screen version of the Tony Award-winning musical, which will be released in theaters nationwide on June 20, 2014 from Warner Bros. Pictures.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

(Super Funny) Zac Efron Shows His "Beautiful" Circumcised Penis to Prove He's Jewish!

Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Workaholics

Comedy Central's The Workaholics guys pressure Efron to show his penis to prove it and begin chanting hilariously, "We've got to see that d--k. We've got to see that d--k."

Efron stands up, unzips his pants, pulls out his manhood and says, "There, see? Full circumcised."
The four other guys gasp in amazement. "Oh my god, it's amazing. It is f--king gorgeous," Rogen says. "Did Leonardo Di Vinci circumcise you? It's beautiful. Your balls have a six-pack! Put it away! Put it away, it's too nice!"

"That was a great d--k! That was a great d--k!" Adam, Blake and Ders chant.

Rogen tries to out-do Efron by then showing his penis. Watch the funny video to see how everyone reacts!

(SHOWcase) Does EastSiders deserve a Season Two? YES, YES, YES!

Season one of "EastSiders: The Series" left Cal and Thom uncertain of their future together. All the lies were out in the open and they were splitting up the Christmas ornaments, but they couldn’t deny their feelings for each other. Is being in love enough of a reason to be together?

“EastSiders” launched last year to a lot of love from fans and critics alike, with Entertainment Weekly calling the show “funny and heartbreaking” and After Elton praising it as “sharp, well-written and acted.” We won Best Web Drama at the 2013 LA Weekly Awards, Best Ensemble at the Indie Series Awards and were nominated for a Satellite Award from the International Press Academy, among numerous other accolades, but the most rewarding part has been getting to interact with the fans of the show. If it wasn't for the support of amazing people like you we wouldn’t have been able to make "EastSiders" in the first place.

(WPPS 2014) The DJs Bring All the Boys to the Yard, Part 1 of 3!

Sanker and his Boys               /WP
by BeBe Sweetbriar

Many things naturally come to mind when we think of the month of April; the rain showers, the beginning of spring, Easter, spring break, and yes - taxes! But, if you are active in the gay circuit party scene, April 2014 means only one thing - the 25th Anniversary of Jeffrey Sanker Presents White Party Palm Springs (WPPS). The largest gay dance music festival in the world, White Party will play host to an estimated 30,000 gay men from across the globe April 25-28 in celebration of its milestone silver anniversary. "What began as a gathering for 300 of my closest friends celebrating the rites of spring 25 years ago has evolved into men from across the world coming together and redefining the meaning of desert heat," said Jeffrey Sanker, founder and producer, in a press statement. A real testament of the evolution of White Party and to highlight its principles of unity and celebration, commitment to excellence and leading edge creativity over the past 25 years, Sanker has created the first ever White Party Palm Springs ICON Awards recognizing a select group who best embody the spirit of White Party.

Over the years the growth of White Party has definitely been heightened by the most ambitious and mind blowing audiovisuals, cutting edge design and spectacular decor transformations of party venues, and the most elaborate and innovative stage productions with spellbinding performances. But, it has consistently been the music that "brings all the boys to the yard". White Party Palm Springs is after all a huge circuit party held over 3 days and brings with it some of the biggest names in DJ music. It is no mistake that WPPS has launched the careers of many rising star DJs, and featured high-caliber DJs/producers like Dave Audé, Junior Vasquez, Victor Calderone, Freemasons, Rosabel, Manny Lehman, Tony Moran and the late Peter Rauhofer. This year the 25th Anniversary event again assembles some of the best DJs and music producers in the world; DJ Shane Stiel, DJ/Producer/Remixer Chris Cox, 2x Grammy Nominated DJ/Producer Tony Moran, DJ Chi Chi LaRue, DJ Joshua D, DJ Superstar Manny Lehman, DJ Gustavo Scorpio, DJ Alex Acosta, DJ Ivan Gomez, DJ Dani Toro, DJ GRIND, DJ Wayne G, DJ Ralphi Rosario, DJ Guy Scheiman, DJ/Producer Abel and the debut of Bent Collective featuring DJ/Producers Danny Verde and Steven Redant.

I spoke with 8 of White Party’s DJs to get a feel of their excitement in playing this world renown event, and a hint of what we can expect on the dance floor come White Party Palm Springs weekend.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

(Jeffrey, the series): "Plugs"!

Jeffrey tries to cheap out on hair plugs.

Created by Dan Lund
Produced by Colbert Fennelly
Starring Jeffrey Morgan
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