Thursday, March 5, 2015

(Coffee House Chronicles) An Exception?

Jeff is haunted -- literally -- by his perfect ex. Can his quirky and less-than-perfect BFF, Anthony, get him to leave behind the idealized past in exchange for a messy, imperfect future together?

Our Pal, Chris Salvatore stars! 

If you like this, please go to:­­chronicles-web-series.

(DAY DRUNK GAYS): Sleeping With Straight Guys!

directed by GEORGE BAMBER (Glee, Pitch Perfect)

(Hit the Floor) Part 7!

Zero sets his terms and gives good schemy-face. Will he betray Jude?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

(SHOWcase) Help Build the NEW Outview News Network!

It was this month in 2010 when I started  OUTview Online,  and what a great ride it has been. We started up slow, and then got to high rankings on Google. We are a leader in collaborative Multi-media Journalism and have scored from Politics to Entertainment. From Portland to Seattle to up and down the west coast to New York and beyond. We have been the little engine that can and are about to jump start in a big way.

Everything from News to Web Programs, Regional News, Interviews, Podcasts and more have all been at

Now, we will begin the process of creating 3 new sites, starting with the International Outview News Network site on its own server.

This site will have News and Opinions, in the style of Salon and HuffGay.

OUTview Online has a huge presence on Google (Thanks to Blogger) but it has kept us from growing the way we should. When people actually make it the site, they are astounded with all our progress and exclusives. Staying independent means that YOU, the readers, are our bosses, rather than some corporation. We pride ourselves on being accessible to readers and receptive to their needs and requests.

But, lacking corporate support means we lack the in-house tech support (and the access to funds to pay for that), expert web development and programming and Social Media to get more followers.

Thanks to some advertising revenue as well as lots of Trades, We have survived.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

(Blank on Blank) Jerry Garcia on The Acid Tests!

"When we fell in with the Acid Tests we a started having the most fun we had ever had."
- Jerry Garcia

Interview by Joe Smith
May 23, 1988
Cassette Tape

Recorded during the writing of Off the Record
Hear the full interview catalog at The Library of Congress.

(It's Everything with BeBe Sweetbriar) The JOHN FISHER Interview on ALAN TURING!

Award-winning Actor/Director John Fisher, Executive Artistic Director of Theatre Rhino in SF, visits with BeBe to discuss WWII hero Alan Turing who was prosecuted for being gay, and speaks about Theatre Rhino's upcoming production of Hugh Whitmore's Turing play "Breaking the Code" starring and directed by Fisher. John also makes the distinction between the play version of Alan Turing's life vs. the film version of "Imitation Game".

(OUTscene NW) Theater RE-view: 'Seven Ways to Get There' or Be Square at Seattle's ACT!

Michelle (Potter) couldn't keep her hands off Nick and Vince!  / Truman Buffett
by MK Scott

Back in my teens and twenties, my shrink tried to get me to join Group Therapy, so I tried it once and realized it just wasn't for me. It wasn't crazy as the antics of  the fact I couldn't find any type of the characters from the 'Bob Newhart Show', it was just that you could never talk or get any word in. I did much better when it was one on one and latter a very small group of 4 or 5. (Less than 6).

“Seven Ways to Get There,” a new play (Directed by John Langs) debuting at Seattle's ACT Theatre, was about group therapy with one or two many loons in a Therapy Group. What I discovered was there were either all sides of me or all the different types of men I have dated through the years.

But poking fun at dysfunction and caricaturing the therapeutic experience is not all co-authors Dwayne J. Clark (whose experiences inspired the play) and Bryan Willis have set out to do.

We  have Anthony (Darragh Kennan) the Bully; Mark (Bradford Farwell) the Artist; Nick (James DeVita); the Workaholic; Mel, the only African American member (Bob Williams; the shy supportive friend; Vince (Ty Boice) the sex addict; Peter (Charles Legget) the social/quiet conservative, and  Richard (Jim Lapan), the loud talkative Buffoon. They all have their hangups and refuse to work together.

(GLAAD 2015) Attention gladiators, or should we say GLAADiators!

We're pleased to announce that Scandal's own Kerry Washington will receive the Vanguard Award at the 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles. This is one show that you won't want to miss.

Kerry Washington will join Roland Emmerich, Channing Tatum and more to support GLAAD's work to amplify stories from the LGBT community and issues that build support for acceptance.

GLAAD Media Awards Los Angeles
March 21, 2015
The Beverly Hilton
9876 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the LGBT community and the issues that affect their lives. The GLAAD Media Awards also fund GLAAD's work to amplify stories from the LGBT community and issues that build support for acceptance.

The 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards are presented by Delta Air Lines, Hilton, Ketel One Vodka, and Wells Fargo; and Official Presenting Partners Amazon and Bud Light. Check out the nominees for the 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements and buy your tickets at

Yes, MK and OUT on the Red Carpet will be there! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

(Gay USA) First the BAD News.....!

  • In Arkansas, a bill is allowed to become law that stops localities from enacting civil rights protections beyond what the state does, effectively banning local LGBT rights ordinances.
  • Criticism grows that national LGBT groups, Arkansas-based corporations and prominent Arkansans such as the Clintons did little or nothing to stop this hateful law.
  • Wyoming defeats an LGBT rights bill, but by the time it was voted on it was not worth having.
  • One same-sex marriage was conducted legally in Texas, but state officials want it voided.
  • The Pope compared transitioning as transgender to nuclear war.
  • Researchers have found a way for a same-sex couple to have a biological child without sperm or egg donation.
  • Two big wins in the fight against HIV criminalization.
  • Andy reviews an evening of new one-act plays by David Ives.
  • We’ll give you the gay angle on the Oscars.

(MNW) Texas Gets Things Wrong!

Texas lawmakers are gunning for the judge who let two lesbians to get married. Meanwhile, homophobic lawmakers celebrate the 10th anniversary of the state's marriage ban. There's just one problem: the law will probably be overturned before it actually turns ten. Plus various native American tribes are in the process of legalizing marriage.

(Mike's Magic) OUT's 100 Eligible Bachelors (Where our 7 Pals Ranked)!!

Salvatore scored!
We counted 7 pals out of 100 on the List of OUT's 100 Eligible Bachelors. See MK get up and close to find the best. Here are his Top 7 and where they actually fall on the List! Full List Here

(GAY DAYS) Will and Sonny point fingers at each other AND have their most intense showdown yet!

Arched Back, Will is on the defensive as a Jealous Sonny Strikes!
Sonny has it in his mind that Will somehow knew about his past with Paul and slept with his ex in some calculated act of revenge.

Meanwhile, Will is feeling betrayed because Sonny never told him about his very significant relationship Paul.

The expressionless Marlena listens as Will confesses his infidelity which she, of course, already knows about. And Kate goes to visit Sonny and he let’s her know that he knows that she knew about the Will-Paul tryst.

Paul’s mom also arrives in Salem and wants to whisk her son away and take him home to San Francisco.
The storyline is on fire and this emotional conversation between Sonny in Will about Paul really packs a punch. Will says some terrible and very immature things as Sonny continues to be one with maturity and integrity. Paul is determined to stay in Salem longer even as his mom wants him to leave town.What is she Hiding? Why did she spill her Tea when she met Marlena? Stay Tuned!

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