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Friday, July 14, 2017

(OUTview AMERICA) EXCLUSIVE: Jake Biondi releases seventh book in his popular BOYSTOWN series!

by MK Scott

'It's finally here and I'm so excited,' author Jake Biondi said of his seventh BOYSTOWN book in a press release, which he released on July 7th. 'The fans' wait is over and they can now discover what happened to their favorite characters whose lives were hanging in the balance at the end of the sixth book.'

The seventh book features a cover created by BOYSTOWN designer Anna Crosswell, who is responsible for the recent redesign of all BOYSTOWN book covers. Featuring the image of a casket, the cover of BOYSTOWN Season Seven teases what readers will find inside its pages.

Biondi recently announced a re-launch of his entire book series with an exciting new look.

'It's going to 'wow' readers from coast to coast,' Biondi said of the series' new design. 'I wanted the BOYSTOWN book covers and all the marketing materials to better represent the drama, excitement, and diversity of the BOYSTOWN series. The new covers hint at the story line twists and turns that readers will find within the books' pages.'

Monday, May 8, 2017

(2017 GLAAD Media Awards-NY); Debra Messing Calls on Ivanka Trump: “It’s time to do something”: Billy Porter receives the Vito Russo award!

OUTview Reporter, Damon Jacobs with Messng
GLAAD, the world’s LGBTQ advocacy organization, honored Debra Messing, Billy Porter, and outstanding LGBTQ images in film and television at the 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York City on May 6. The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the LGBTQ community and the issues that affect their lives.

At the ceremony, Andrew Rannells presented Debra Messing with GLAAD's Excellence in Media Award, which is presented to media professionals who, through their work, have increased the visibility and understanding of the LGBTQ community.

In her speech, which received multiple standing ovations, Messing called on everyone to raise their voices and call the Congressional Switchboard in Washington, D.C. She also spoke directly to Ivanka Trump:
It’s not enough to simply say that women’s issues are important to you. It’s time to do something. You can change the lives of millions of women and children just by telling your dad stories about real people who are suffering. Don’t let him separate immigrant mothers from their American-born children. Don’t let him take health care away from women who need it. Don’t allow him to make trans kids like Gavin [Grimm] fight in court for their basic human dignity.”

Friday, April 28, 2017

(OUTview AMERICA) LGBT NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Anime voice actor Vic Mignogna in attendance at Seattle Sakura-Con sets the record straight: 'I am not the least bit homophobic'!

by MK Scott

Two weeks ago, the weekend of April 14-16, was my second year in a row to attend Sakura-con, the annual Japanese Anime Convention at the Washington State Convention Center. I had no idea what type of story I would write until I met the hunky, blond haired and blue-eyed, voice actor, Vic Mignogna, 54, most known as the voice of Qrow in 'RWBY' and Matt in the 'Digimon Adventure' series, as well as Pok'emon and Final Fantasy (the video game).

Mignogna also stars as Capt. James T. Kirk in the live-action web series, 'Star Trek Continues.'

Sunday, April 23, 2017

(OUTview AMERICA) EXCLUSIVE: Ted Allen talks 'Queer Eye,' food and Dining Out for Life!

by MK Scott

The 26th Annual Dining Out For Life® hosted by Subaru® is a restaurant-based event with a truly scrumptious call to action: Dine at one of the 3,000 participating restaurants in more than 60 cities across North America on Thursday, April 27th and that restaurants will donate a generous portion of the day's proceeds to fund HIV/AIDS care, prevention, education, testing, counseling and other essential services in their city.

For over 20 years, Lifelong AIDS Alliance has benefited from this annual event and it goes into the same programs that are benefited from the annual AIDS Walk that occurs every September. Here is a chance to support Lifelong's programs by just eating out.

On this day, over 100 restaurants in the Seattle area will donate 30-50% of their proceeds to Lifelong's vital programs that support people facing serious illness and poverty in our community. For participating restaurants, visit www.diningoutforlife.com or Facebook/DiningOut4Life.

Because of your support, in 2016, Lifelong was able to feed over 1,900 individuals by providing 36,500 bags of groceries and 170,000 nutritious meals to those in need. Dining Out for Life is one of Lifelong's biggest, most important fundraisers of the year and ensures that their food program, Chicken Soup Brigade, can continue to provide their clients with healthy food catered to their specific medical conditions. DOFL also ensures that Lifelong's other life-saving programs, including medical case management, housing, insurance and dental, can continue to support the clients who need it the most.

Reality star and my old friend (of 14 years), Ted Allen ('Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,' 'Chopped') has been one of the spokespeople for Dining Out for Life for over 10 years. I had the chance to chat with Ted by phone last month on March 14th.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

(OUTview AMERICA) EXCLUSIVE: Strike a Pose: An interview with Salim 'Slam' Gauwloos!

by MK Scott

The documentary Strike a Pose was a huge fave at Three Dollar Bill Cinema's Twist (the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival) last fall and this week returns to the Northwest Film Forum (April 5) before its big premiere on Logo TV on Thursday, April 6 at 9pm ET/PT. The film catches up with seven young male dancers - six gay, one straight - on Madonna's controversial 'Blond Ambition World Tour' in 1990 and her subsequent Truth or Dare documentary, as they unwittingly become icons for Gay rights and sexual freedom. Twenty-five years later, the dancers reveal the truth about life during and after the tour and the significance of their courageous but harrowing journey to, as Madonna sings, 'Express Yourself.' The critically acclaimed documentary, from filmmakers Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan and the Emmy Award-winning Logo Documentary Films, was an official selection at the 2016 Tribeca, Berlin and Hot Docs film festivals.

One of the most memorable of the dancers is the gorgeous Salim 'Slam' Gauwloos. Born in a small Flemish town by Belgian-Moroccan parents, 'Slam' made an impression in Truth or Dare by kissing fellow dancer Gabriel Trupin - the first Gay kiss ever to be shown in a major movie. It is only recently that he has come to see what both the tour and Truth or Dare have meant to people around the world: 'We helped the world to come out of the closet!' he has said. In the more recent documentary, Strike a Pose, Slam comes out as Poz. Slam chatted with me earlier this week about his journey and as a Muslim with a green card what he thinks of the political climate.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

(OUTview AMERICA) INTER-view: Screenwriter and director Brian O'Donnell on AKRON, One of the most inventive Gay coming-of-age films ever is finally out on DVD and VOD!

by MK Scott

At the 2015 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival I was thrilled to see a new coming of age film about two Gay college students who are conflicted by a family secret. (This was in my Top 5 of the best films at the 2015 SLGFF.)

What I found was an inventive tale of two Gay lovers with no coming out issues, no health issues or small community conflicts, it is a simple story of two families that dealt with a family tragedy and how it will affect the family now that old wounds resurface.

The film synopsis from the AKRON website reads:
Benny and Christopher, college freshmen, meet playing football and begin a relationship. They fall in love supported by their family and friends. As their love for each other grows, a past tragic event involving their mothers comes to light. This revelation tests their own love and Benny's close-knit family.

Throughout this reflective love story, with the beauty of rural Ohio as its backdrop, Benny travels an emotional journey that examines both his own feelings and his family's ability to come to terms with the past. AKRON is a sensitive and unique independent film that puts a progressive, Midwestern spin on a classic family drama.

So I was doubly thrilled to have a chance to speak with writer/director, Brian O'Donnell by phone.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

(OUTview AMERICA) EXCLUSIVE INTER-view: NW native and rising star Angus MacLane on theater, animation and Finding Dory!

by MK Scott

I am always in awe of local people who have achieved success. The Pixar film, Finding Dory was a summer hit and it was co-directed by Northwest bred, Angus MacLane.

MacLane and I were raised in Beaverton, Oregon and we both attended Beaverton High School and owe our success to one man, our mentor and drama teacher, James N. Erickson. Other big names came from our theater program as well, including Broadway stars Brooks Ashmanskas and Shoshana Bean, NPR's Ari Shapiro, and Out Magazine writer and actor Jesse Archer.

I reached out to Angus for an interview last summer, and we finally connected just in time for Finding Dory's DVD/VOD release.

Friday, December 16, 2016

(OUTview AMERICA) INTER-view: Author, Jake Biondi previews his 6th Boystown Book, Available NOW!

by MK Scott

BOYSTOWN series author Jake Biondi has revealed the cover of the highly anticipated sixth book of his BOYSTOWN series. BOYSTOWN Season Six will be released on December 16, 2016. The cover for the book, which was designed by photographer James Franklin, features BOYSTOWN model Sean Zevran as well as six other BOYSTOWN boys: JR Bronson, Pablo Hernandez, Eddie Eduardo, Cory Zwierzynski, Jo Franco, and Andy Andranik.

Like the first five books, BOYSTOWN Season 6 will be available at bookstores across the country as well at online at amazon.com, bn.com, and itunes. The series is available in paperback, audio book, and all e-book formats.

Biondi is currently working with television producers Gabe Fiscale and Weston Mueller, who are interested in bringing the BOYSTOWN series to television. Biondi remains optimistic that fans all over the world will soon be able to watch their favorite BOYSTOWN characters in action on television.

I have interviewed Jake for Seasons (Books) 1 to 4 on my blog and Season 5 was discussed in the SGN's Pride 2016 issue (http://www.sgn.org/sgnnews44_26/page28.cfm). I had a chance to catch up with Jake to find out more about Season (Book) 6.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

(OUTview AMERICA) Carrie Turns 40 and hits BluRay Today: See MK's 2013 Chat with Sissy Spacek!

In 1976, Carrie, the "absolutely spellbinding horror movie" (Roger Ebert) directed by Brian DePalma (Scarface, The Untouchables, Dressed to Kill) and based on the best-selling Stephen King novel, premiered in theaters, forever changing the landscape of horror films, and launching much of its outstanding cast into stardom.

TODAY (10/11), the SCREAM FACTORY™ home entertainment brand celebrates the 40th anniversary of the film with a 2-disc Collector's Edition Blu-ray release which includes a brand new 4K scan of the film and nearly 3 hours of bonus material.

The first film adaptation of a Stephen King book, Carrie was a box office hit, garnering Academy Award® nominations for the up and coming star Sissy Spacek (Coal Miner's Daughter), and film veteran Piper Laurie (The Hustler), a rare accomplishment for the horror genre at the time. Featuring the first major film roles for John Travolta, who was then starring in TV's Welcome Back Kotter, Nancy Allen (RoboCop) and William Katt (The Greatest American Hero), Carrie was also the big screen debut for Amy Irving (Yentl), P.J. Soles (Halloween) and Betty Buckley (Eight Is Enough).

MK w/ Spacek in 2013              (Wang)
At the center of the film's terror is Carrie (Spacek), a high school loner with no confidence, no friends... and no idea about the extent of her secret powers of telekinesis. But when her psychotic mother and sadistic classmates finally go too far, the once-shy teen becomes an unrestrained, vengeance-seeking powerhouse who, with the help of her 'special gift,' causes all hell to break loose in a famed cinematic frenzy of blood, fire and brimstone.

Over the last 40 years the ultimate revenge fantasy has become one of the all-time great horror classics, and Carrie is now, finally, offered as a definitive, two-disc Collector's Edition Blu-ray.

In 2013, I had the opportunity to chat with Sissy Spacek on the Red Carpet at SIFF minutes before receiving her lifetime achievement award.

Friday, September 9, 2016

(OUTview AMERICA) Former Seattle writer Dominic Holden to receive the 2016 NLGJA Journalist of the Year award!

by MK Scott

In the fall of 2014, Seattle bid adieu to former Stranger News Editor, Dominic Holden as he made the move to New York City and was hired almost immediately at Buzzfeed as a National LGBT Reporter.

This Saturday, September 10, Holden will receive the 2016 Journalist of the Year award from the National Lesbian and Gay Journalism Association at their annual convention being held in Miami South Beach, Florida this year.

In a recent NLGJA press release, one judge wrote, 'Holden presents a really strong mix of thoughtful trans stories, a good take on familiar subject matter, some really strong characters and good depth.' Holden additionally took second place in News Writing (Non-Daily) for 'Why Are Black Transgender Women Getting Killed in Detroit?'

Friday, July 29, 2016

(OUTview AMERICA) Director, Gillian Armstrong on "ORRY-KELLY: Women He's Undressed', Coming to DVD and VOD ON 8/9!

by MK Scott

Who was Orry-Kelly? The name is forgotten but he was the King of Hollywood costumes from the 1930's to the early 1960's and was Australia's first Hollywood Star.

Kelly had a secret long-term relationship with Archie Leach (aka Cary Grant) before even moving to Hollywood and garnered 3 Oscars for his designs for An American in Paris, Les Girls, and Some Like It Hot.

Now, his life and work can finally celebrated in the DVD release of  Women He's Undressed. It is more than a documentary, it is part narrative as Orry (played very campy by Aussie, Darren Gilshenan) as well as some great interviews from Jane Fonda, Angela Lansbury, Scotty Bowers (At your Service) and Gay Hollywood expert, William Mann (Wisecracker).

I had a chance to chat with the director, Gillian Armstrong about her film and legacy of Orry-Kelly.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

(OUTview AMERICA) INTER-view: MK gets Below 'The Surface' with Director, Michael Saul, now on DVD and VOD!

Saul with actors, Hains and Redford        (Ariztical)
by MK Scott

Following a world premiere at Frameline, the San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival, The Surface has captivated audiences and critics at screenings nationwide.

From award-winning director Michael J. Saul (Crush, Adults Only, Go Go Reject), The Surface stars Australian model Harry Hains in his leading role debut, alongside Michael Redford and Nicholas McDonald.

The Surface tells the story of Evan Jones, an orphan who was shifted from one foster home to another for years. Now a disaffected college student, he lives with his wealthy boyfriend, Chris. Their social and financial differences have made their relationship increasingly volatile despite their love for one another.

While sifting through relics at an elderly man's yard sale, Evan finds an 8mm movie camera. The man offers to teach Evan how to use it if he comes back the following week. Upon returning, Evan meets the man's 43-year-old son, Peter. Peter gives him reels of old 8mm movies that are collecting dust in the garage. The home movies, featuring a young Peter and his boyhood friend touch a nerve with Evan. Their youthful flirtations and tenderness are uncomplicated and pure. Evan begins to live vicariously through the home movies and his friendship with Peter soon turns romantic. Evan's relationship with Chris splinters as he pushes for greater understanding of himself and the notions of family, love and fulfillment.

I spoke with Saul, via email, about his intriguing film and what's next? 

Friday, November 27, 2015

(OUTview AMERICA) INTER-view: All about Arthur Allen's 'WINNING DAD' available at Vimeo On-Demand on 12/1!

by MK Scott

Just in time for the holidays--the season of many potentially strained family dinners--comes "Winning Dad," a movie that aims to ease the generational divide over gay rights through humor and understanding.

Already an audience favorite (and one of my Top 5 at this years SLGFF) at more than a dozen film festivals around the world, "Winning Dad," will soon be available, according to a press release, in the US exclusively through Vimeo-On-Demand on December 1st.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

(OUTview AMERICA) INTER-view: Jake Biondi Moves Forward with Boystown, Season 4!

by MK Scott

According to his Press Release and in honor of his birthday on November 5, author Jake Biondi is pre-releasing autographed paperback copies of his highly anticipated book ‘BOYSTOWN Season Four.’ The signed novels will be available on his website www.JakeBiondi.com beginning on November 5. All other formats for the book will be released on November 13!

Biondi revealed the cover for the fourth book of his ‘BOYSTOWN’ series on October 1 and the response has been incredibly positive. “Fans are crazy about fourth book’s cover,” Biondi said. “In fact, some fans have said it’s the hottest one yet.” The cover of the book, which was designed by Michael Vargas, features many of the ‘BOYSTOWN Boys’ whom readers have come to associate with the series.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

(OUTview AMERICA) INTER-view: MK chats with Director, Tom Bezucha, about 15 yrs of his milestone, Big Eden, now available on Blu Ray!

Bezucha and Gross on the set in 2000           (WOLFE)
by MK Scott

As we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, we also have to honor the 15th for Big Eden. 

Appearing on numerous top LGBT movie lists since its wildly popular debut in 2000, BIG EDEN stars Arye Gross as Henry Hart, a thirty-something gay artist living in New York City who returns to his Montana hometown of Big Eden to visit his ailing grandfather, Sam (George Coe). Henry has never actually come out to Grandpa Sam, and as he grapples with his own process of self-acceptance he also continues to pine over handsome Dean Stewart, his straight crush from high school (Tim DeKay, "White Collar"). As the town's general store proprietor Pike Dexter (Eric Schweig, "Blackstone") begins to fall for Henry, the people of Big Eden rise to the occasion to play cupid.
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