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Sunday, November 1, 2015

(OUTview AMERICA) INTER-view: Jake Biondi Moves Forward with Boystown, Season 4!

by MK Scott

According to his Press Release and in honor of his birthday on November 5, author Jake Biondi is pre-releasing autographed paperback copies of his highly anticipated book ‘BOYSTOWN Season Four.’ The signed novels will be available on his website www.JakeBiondi.com beginning on November 5. All other formats for the book will be released on November 13!

Biondi revealed the cover for the fourth book of his ‘BOYSTOWN’ series on October 1 and the response has been incredibly positive. “Fans are crazy about fourth book’s cover,” Biondi said. “In fact, some fans have said it’s the hottest one yet.” The cover of the book, which was designed by Michael Vargas, features many of the ‘BOYSTOWN Boys’ whom readers have come to associate with the series.

Matt O’Reilly, captain of the ‘BOYSTOWN’ team of models, is featured on the new book cover. “It’s an honor to be the ‘BOYSTOWN’ team captain and be able to work with so many amazing guys. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re all gorgeous,” O’Reilly said, according to the Press Release,  “I know we will continue to bring BOYSTOWN fans all the muscle, smiles, and personalities that fans love so much.” O’Reilly added, “I couldn’t be more excited for the next book in the ‘BOYSTOWN’ series. If you thought the last three were great, just wait until you dig into this new one. You won’t be able to put it down.”

“The wait is just about over,” Biondi told fans of his ‘BOYSTOWN’ book series. “Due to the amazing success of the first three books in the series, fans from all over the world have been asking me when the fourth book would be released. They want to know what’s coming next for their favorite characters and couples. Happily, their wait is nearly over.”

Biondi added, “I am so grateful for my readers and their positive response to the series. I regularly receive notes from fans who are connecting with the characters and want to know what the future holds for them. The broad appeal of the book series is incredible. ‘BOYSTOWN’ has a really diverse audience.”

Biondi promises that readers won’t be disappointed. “’Season Four’ picks up with the aftermath of the horrific fire that occurred at the end of ‘Season Three.’ While I won’t reveal who lives and who dies, I will say this: lives will be forever altered.” Biondi also previews that ‘BOYSTOWN Season Four’ continues the storylines from the first three books while introducing new ones -- and some hot new characters, too.

Biondi is currently working with two television producers who are interested in bringing the ‘BOYSTOWN’ series to television. Biondi remains optimistic that fans all over the world will soon be able to watch their favorite ‘BOYSTOWN’ characters in action on television.

MK chatted with Jake through Email: 

MK: Boystown Season 4, is finally here! What are some key moments in this Book?

Jake Biondi: Of course, BOYSTOWN Season Four deals with the aftermath of the fire that ended Season Three. In fact, so many characters were involved in the fire that it takes several chapters of Season Four to completely deal with how the fire impacts everyone. Then a huge birthday party takes place in chapter five and propels the action of the book forward and in many directions. Chapter nine features an engagement party where a few bombshells are dropped and the set up for the cliffhangers at the end of the book begins.

MK:  What will make this different from the Other 3?

JB: Season Four is probably the most intense of the BOYSTOWN books so far. It focuses a bit more on relationships than the previous three books, but certainly contains all the twists and turns and BOYSTOWN readers have come to love.

MK: Tell us about any NEW Characters?

JB: Season Four introduces three incredible new characters. Mateo Martinez and his son Hugo show up at the start of the book. They are connected to several other characters and have some secrets and motives of their own. Mateo is a doctor and Hugo is a star college football player. And then there’s Kevin Adam Miranda, who arrives toward the end of Season Four. He, too, is connected to another character already on the canvas and is a bit of a mystery. Readers will learn much more about him in Season Five.

MK:  I know your dream is to get the series on TV or the Web, how is that going?

JB: Actually, things are moving along very well. The two TV producers in Los Angeles that I am working with are amazing and have big plans for the series. I’m not allowed to say a lot about the TV series publicly yet, but I am very pleased with the progress and am confident that BOYSTOWN fans will be seeing the series on TV in the near future.

MK: I follow your #BringBoystowntoTV Page and put up some great choices who has the fans selected? Who is on your radar?

JB: I have some specific actors in mind for the series and I think the producers may do a nation-wide talent search not only to find the perfect actors but also to raise awareness of the series. My posts in the Boystown Facebook group are just ideas that I have – and I am always interested to see how fans respond to each of my suggestions.

MK: My Burning Question, Will there be a Fifth season?

JB: Absolutely. It will be released in late Spring/early summer of 2016.

Early reviews of ‘BOYSTOWN Season Four’ are extremely positive. Andrew Hamilton, an author and ‘BOYSTOWN’ fan, said, “If you thought the first three seasons from Jake Biondi’s ‘BOYSTOWN’ series were packed with drama and intrigue, you ain’t read nothing yet. ‘Season Four’ will leave readers gasping for breath, as they turn the pages faster and faster. And just when they think they have had all the shocks their hearts can take...”

In 2013, Biondi published the first ten ‘episodes’ in book form as ‘BOYSTOWN Season One.’ ‘BOYSTOWN Season Two’ was released in July of 2014, and ‘BOYSTOWN Season Three’ was released in May of 2015. Now, ‘BOYSTOWN Season Four’ answers readers’ questions and, of course, provides even more twists and turns for fans.

Like the first three books, ‘BOYSTOWN Season Four’ will be available at bookstores across the country as well at online at amazon.com, bn.com, and itunes. The series is available in paperback and all e-book formats. Readers may order autographed paperback copies of the books directly from Biondi’s website: www.JakeBiondi.com. ‘Season Four’ is currently available for pre-order on Kindle and iTunes.

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