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Thursday, September 1, 2011

(OUTscene America RE-view): Josh Groban Rocks and Camps it in Seattle!

by Ben Doko
OUTscene Guest Reviewer

I heard Josh Groban last year and was thrilled to have a chance seeing his concert at Key Arena/ Seattle on Saturday, Aug 27th. Fantastic and better than expected, he was enthusiastic,energetic and a flurry of movement extraordinary montage stage!

Groban truly rocked it (Who Knew?), filling the Key arena with the sweeping sounds of an orchestra that could make a person cry one moment during “War at Home” and mosh the next in “Machine.”

Opening with “Changing Colors,” Groban showed off his piano talents as he accompanied himself. He followed it with the moody “February Song,” and then fan-favorite “You Are Loved.” 

Even though the words to the songs were lost in acoustic, the show was absolutely amazing. Josh interacted well with the crowd, besides being funny and talented!
As always, when it comes to singing Groban delivers. His voice is rich and has a certain swoon factor that has not gone unnoticed by his female (and Gay) fans.
The highlight of the evening, song-wise, was definitely his encore performance of “You Raise Me Up.” Lacking a gospel choir, Groban enlisted the audience to help him sing. Their voices, mixing with his, soon filled the Giant Center. Some fans cried, others clasped hands to hearts. A few simply closed their eyes and sang.

But a Groban concert is so much more than just a musical performance, it is a one-man comedy routine too.

Groban was so personable by doing Q& A with the audience, ran around and talked to people, he brought some audience members onstage and served them drinks, his stage banter was pee your pants hilarious!He dresses  casual,white v neck t-shirt,dark blue jeans with cozy grey jacket ,and comfy shoes makes him look like a "regular guy" than a star.
His sense of humor matched his image of being a good,wholesome guy,family friendly and the fact that he played for 2 straight hours without a break, all of this made the evening special plus,of course, great voice and who knew he is a talented drummer. His Opening act (Elew) was terrific, but Josh Groban was engaging!

Seeing Josh Groban in Concert, never gets old!

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